10 Comics Only Dog People Will Understand!

Dog parents are a crazy bunch! Hey, ask me, I know!

Before I became a dog parent, I knew nothing about living a good life and forever wondered what it was like taking care of dogs and living under the same roof. Well, now I know, and wouldn’t change it for anything! Dog parents have this positive thing going around with them, they’re spontaneous, creative, helpful, and can play by the ear like a boss.

We learn it from the best, I guess. Being a dog parent has taught me that I prefer dogs over people, anytime and every time. And this introvert agrees! Meet Marzi, an introvert and a dog parent who doodled some incredible comics only dog parents will understand! Check these out!

1. And legend has it that they’re still sitting like that till now…

2. Unconditional love!

3. My dog means the world to me!

4. Also, my dog never asks for allowance and doesn’t ask to borrow the car.

5. Life rocks!

Tell us what your dog has taught you in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: introvertdoodles.com

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