10 Dog Breeds That Don't Exist Anymore

A couple of days ago we talked about Turnspit, a dog breed that no longer exists, so we figured, why not mention other dog breeds that no longer exist?

It’s sad when a dog breed goes extinct because honestly, they don’t deserve going extinct, but then again, maybe they were too good for this cruel world. So what exactly makes dog breeds go extinct? Well, cruel and illegal breeders mate them out to pave way for more “stylish dogs”. Others are wiped out by predators, including humans and some just cross the rainbow bridge after living in horrific situations. What’s sadder is that extinction is permanent and these dogs, who once walked the planet, can never be brought back. Here are some dogs breeds that are extinct:

1. Kurī

Brought to New Zealand, probably from East Polynesia, around the 14th century, these dogs were a Maori woman’s favorite companion, but not everyone loved them. According to some, they were quite an aggressive breed who bit humans frequently. These dogs were often described as stubborn dogs with a poor sense of smell, and it didn’t take long until the breed eventually became extinct.

2. Talbot

These dogs were liked by so many and were so popular that many families, in the Middle Ages, featured this dog’s image in their family crest. According to some experts, the Talbot was brought to England in 1066 by William the Conquerer. While Talbots are slow, they had a great sense of smell and were often used in battle as well as law enforcement. Around the 16th century, the Talbots were extinct, but their legacy is carried out by beagle – it’s great-great-great-great-great-great-etc… grandchild!

3. Molossus

Loved by the Romans and Greeks, these large dogs were used for hunting, herding, and fighting. The Molossus was brave and smart, and quite intelligent, even Aristotle was fond of them!

4. Cordoba Fighting Dog

These dogs were powerful and sadly used for pit fighting in Argentina. Because of how “perfectly” they were bred, when it was time to mate, males and females would be busy tearing each other apart and this sadly led to the demise of the entire breed.

5. Hawaiian Poi Dog

These dogs were also thought to come from East Polynesia, but because they were largely fed a mushy vegetarian diet, their heads became large and flat because they weren’t using the bones to chew. Because of their diet, they became obese and by the 18th century, they started fading away.

Isn’t this just sad? Is there anything we can do to safeguard dog breeds from being exploited? Let us know in the comments. Watch out for Part 2.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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