10 Epic Dog Messes That Will Make You Dizzy! (Part 1)

The perks of being a dog parent… you can come home to a house designed for you by your dog!

All dog parents love their dogs to the moon and back, but all of them will agree that dogs can be messy. Very messy. They can get away with some of the most nuclear levels of destruction. Check out some of these epic dog messes that will make you dizzy!

1. Oh, hey mom. I forgot to tell you, we’re out of toilet paper. The last ones just exploded. And I’m not hurt.

2. So glad you’re back home mom. I have the situation under control now. You’re extremely safe now.

3. Oh… wow. What happened here? I’ve been sleeping, I’m such a good boy, mom. This table saved me. I think it’s the neighbor’s cat.

4. We can explain.

5. Welcome home, mom. I used creativity to design our old sofa. It’s much more comfortable now.

How many of you have pictures of your dog’s mess? Share them with us in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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