10 Must-Have First Aid Items Every Dog Parent Must Have (Part 1)

Being a dog parent means being ready for anything, but we all know that. Apart from the pantry and the toys, there are some essential first-aid items you must have at home.

Being a dog parent has many perks, in fact, it’s mostly perks, but bad times come, and we need to be prepared for those times. While you may have all the toys and food your dog wants, you must also have all the essential first-aid items at home to be prepared for any situation. Here are some first-aid items all dog parents should have at home.

1. Emergency Phone Numbers

Accidents can happen at any time and if they happen in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is Google search emergency numbers to your nearest pet hospital and find out if anyone’s available. Make sure you have emergency numbers in your first-aid kit that you can call if something happens to your dog that requires medical attention.

2. Gause and Adhesive Tape

Gause can help control bleeding, prevent fractures from further damage and can also be used as a makeshift muzzle when required. Remember not to muzzle your dog if they’re having trouble breathing or if they’re vomiting.

3. Digital Thermometer

Yes, your dog will probably hide when they see the digital thermometer, but this is required to see if they have a temperature. Yes dogs, this one goes up your bum, sorry!

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Not only does hydrogen peroxide help clean and disinfect wounds, but it also helps dogs vomit in case they swallow something poisonous. Please always consult your vet before forcing your dog to vomit with hydrogen peroxide.

5. Ice Pack

You need a hot and cold pack. You can use hot packs when your dog is suffering from joint or muscle pains and cold packs to prevent swelling as you take your dog to the vet. During summer, cold packs can help prevent heatstrokes.

What else would you add to the first-aid box? Let us know in the comments. Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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