10 Of The World's Rarest Dog Breeds You Didn't Know Existed!

A few days ago, we talked about some dog breeds that don’t exist anymore, but today we’re going to talk about some rare breeds that still exist and have to be protected.

As dog lovers, we know that it’s nearly impossible to pick your favorite breed because all dogs are created perfectly. Not one dog has “better” qualities than the other because they’re perfect. So in such a situation, if someone were to ask me what my favorite breed was, I’d say dog. Just sums it up, I think!

Here are some of the world’s rarest dog breeds that you didn’t know existed! If you did, comment below!

1. Czechoslovakian Vlcak

These dogs are a mix of a Carpathian wolf and a German shepherd and as of 2014, only 208 of these dogs were believed to exist in the U.S. The look so much like German shepherds, right? What wouldn’t I give to cuddle with one right now!

2. Lagotto Romagnolo

These ancient breeds originated from Italy and they’re the only dogs in the world who’re recognized as professional truffle searchers! Not only are they devoted and affectionate, but they’re also efficient water retrievers. Do you see how cute this dog is?!

3. Azawakh

Can you guess this dog’s favorite past time? Running. That’s right! They could outrun you a million times in one lap! It’s no wonder their legs are so thin, but they’re loyal, and won’t run away from their family, that’s for sure!

4. Griffon Nivernais

These French dogs almost went extinct after the French Revolution, but dedicated breeders never gave up on them and worked hard to bring the breed back from extinction. However, these dogs have a high prey drive and are not ideal for first-time dog parents.

5. Kooikerhondje

Originating from Netherlands, this breed was a professional duck hunter, and they nearly went extinct after the Second World War. Thankfully, they’re back, but still are the rarest breeds on the planet.

Have you ever come across these beauties? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: slice.ca

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