10 People Shared Stories About Their Dog And They're Hilarious!

Dog parents know that sometimes, even the smartest dog can end up doing goofy things!

Most of us, especially those who love dogs, tend to think that dogs are smart, talented, most adorable and the friendliest creatures on the planet. While all of this is true, we forget that dogs are humans too and that sometimes, they can end up doing the silliest things ever! Here are some people who shared some things their dog has ever done! These dogs need a “Good Dog” award, in my opinion.

1. I gots to make sure you don’t drowns.

2. Aw, poor baby!

3. Aww, bless his little heart ♥

4. Next time I am sure he will remember to pop the ham in the oven or microwave if he needs to step out!!

5. Our pets are PRICELESS.

Tell us about your dog and what they have done in the comments below! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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