10 Real Life Transformations Of Strays That Led To Them Getting Adopted!

What do you do when you spot a stray dog? If I could I would adopt them all, but unfortunately, I can’t, so the least I can do is drop them at a No Kill shelter where they will find their forever loving homes.

Let’s face it though, stray dogs are often ignored because of the way they look and that becomes the sole reason they’re forced to survive alone. Life on the streets isn’t an easy one for dogs. It affects their mental, emotional and physical health and they go through so much just trying to find something to eat.

This is where grooming comes into play. Stray dogs who’re dropped at shelters get the grooming they require to find their forever loving homes. Unfortunately, without proper grooming, stray dogs are considered “broken”, but in reality, they’re loving dogs who have nothing but love for you. Here are some dogs whose lives changed after they were groomed.

1. Ollie

Ollie was originally found by animal control, but thankfully found his way to a rescue. Once safe, he was given a desperately needed grooming to remove painful mats. The transformation revealed a happy, adorable dog. Soon after Ollie got his new look, he also got a forever home where he now indulges in belly rubs and treats. Ollie is from Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Philadelphia, Penn

2. Griffin

Griffin was in a kill shelter before being saved by the local Humane Society. He was in horrific shape as the severe matting was causing nerve damage in his back legs and irritating his sensitive eyes. Once groomed, he turned into a completely different little dog. Free from all that fur, Griffin was able to walk and play like a normal pooch. His happy personality and dapper good looks won the heart of a volunteer and he’s now living the good life in his forever home. Griffin is from the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia in Dalton, Ga.

3. Gaston

Gaston arrived at his rescue nearly unrecognizable as a dog, let alone a poodle. Neglected for years and only used for breeding, his life was bleak. After hours of grooming, Gaston’s transformation was incredible. His personality blossomed and he won the hearts of his forever family. He’s now living out his happily ever after. Gaston is from National Mill Dog Rescue in Peyton, Colo.

4. Brianna

Quiet and sweet, tiny Brianna was once in dire straits in Tijuana with a face that looked like a rock! Demodex and anaplasma had taken a heavy toll. Threatening her owner with a call to the police was the only way to get Brianna freed from the chains that bound her 24/7. These days she is healthy, has her fur back and is settling in, following her new mom around the house answering to her new name, Bella.

5. Rowley

Rowley came to Proverbs fearful, skeptical, a bit snarky and confused. Within just a week he adjusted to life in a foster home, snuggled up to his foster mom Leslie, begging for affection. He loves to play outside and is generally a happy pup.

Do you think that grooming plays a huge role in getting a dog adopted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images & Intro: Dirty Dogs Gallery

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