10 Ridiculous Ways Dogs Can Help Save The World! (Part 2)

Dogs are man’s best friend and also planet saviors! This might not make sense right now, but after you read my reasons, you just might agree that dogs can help save the world! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. Protect Endangered Animals

Warrnambool’s Middle Island’s sheepdogs are tasked to protect endangered little penguins! The bond these dogs have with the penguins helps keep them safe from predators when tides are low.

2. Planting

Remember how dogs help to dig yards? Well, they help plant too, if they’re trained right! Being the expert diggers they are, they help save energy and also help you plant or excavate… whichever you require!

3. Conserve Energy

Have you ever seen a dog using a hairdryer to dry themselves after a bath? Nope. As we mentioned before dogs believe in saving energy and so they air dry by shaking and making everything and everyone around them, wet.

4. Pre-Clean Dishes

Yep, this is a no-brainer. Dogs help you pre-clean your dishes so you don’t have to, thereby saving your time and the dishwasher’s energy! This way your dishwasher doesn’t have to work hard to remove food because your dog already did that.

5. Recycle

Tubby, a Labrador has helped his human gather and recycle over 26,000 plastic bottles! Yes, he’s into the Guinness Book of World Records too!

How many of you agree so far? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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