10 Things You'll Definitely Find In A Dog Parent's Home! (Part 2)

10 Things You'll Definitely Find In A Dog Parent's Home! (Part 2)

Anyone who visits your house knows you parent dogs because this is what they see in your house! Here are some things you’re going to find in a dog parent’s home! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. Different kinds and colors of leashes and coats

Because, why not? Your dog shouldn’t be seen wearing the same coat over and over again, so you buy a truckload of leashes and coats for your dog to wear! I mean, would you wear the same coat over and over again? So why would your dog? Aren’t dogs humans too?

2. Food and water bowls

Of course, there’s a place dedicated to your dog’s food and water bowl, but because they’re such good dogs, you allow them to walk with their bowls to where you are (probably eating) so they can share with you! Then they leave those bowls there because there’s always a next time.

3. Dog toys. A million dog toys.

Have you ever come across a dog toy so good that you decided to never buy anything else ever again? Me neither. We just have to buy new toys for our dogs because they like to tear their old ones apart! How else will the dog stay busy? New dog toys is only another way to spoil your dogs, isn’t it?!

4. Dog crate

Because every dog needs their personal space where they won’t be disturbed. Although dogs don’t respect our personal space, we’ve got to respect theirs. Sometimes we have more than two crates so our dogs can decide where they’d like to be left alone. Yep, happens.

5. Dog photos!

Lots and lots of them! Some of them are framed too. Although our dogs are framed in our hearts, we’d like the world to know just how much we only want to see them around the house! Life is awesome when you have a dog to share it with, correct?

How many of you relate to this? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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