10 Ways To Make Your Dog Comfortable In A New Home

10 Ways To Make Your Dog Comfortable In A New Home

Being in a new home can be pretty stressful for your dog. Just what can you do to ease the transition?

1. Don’t Overwhelm Them

Don’t introduce them to everyone and everything at once – do it in gradual, slow stages.

2. Give Them Space

Don’t force contact or companionship.

3. Let Them Explore By Themselves

It’s a new environment – they have to decompress and adjust. Time is really the only solution.

4. Maintain A Schedule

Routines will make it easier for your dog to adjust to their new life.

5. Understand They May Have Appetite Loss

If they’re still happy to accept bacon or ham from you, then they’re fine. Only take them to the vet if they can’t be tempted with a treat.

6. Expect Explosive Digestion Changes

New foods can cause stomach upsets. Consider gradually adjusting them to their new diet.

7. Watch Out For Escape Attempts

Stress and fear can make dogs want to escape. Keep them on a leash for a while.

8. Accidents Will Happen

Even if they’re house-trained, it takes a while before your dog adjusts to their new toilet schedule.

9. Have Some Patience

It’s a scary experience for your dog to be in a completely new environment. A little empathy and understanding can go a long way.

10. Crate Train Your Dog

A crate-trained dog can be left alone safely while you are at work, or when you have other dogs in the house.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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