12 Dogs Who Went To The Beach And Ruined Everyone's Day! (Part 1)

Dogs love going to the beach and you know what? It’s fur for us too! The day starts great with you both running around and just behaving like little kids. While you sunbathe, your dog’s busy digging in the sand… nothing like it, right?

Dogs will behave only for an hour or two tops when they’re at the beach. Somehow after the modesty ends, they just don’t care. Dogs get bored of chasing us around and digging in the sand so what do they do next? They find other people to pee on. Sandcastles are great places to pee on. Especially if it’s freshly made. Here are some dogs who went to the beach and ruined everyone’s day!

1. This dog, who became the child’s nightmare!

2. Who’s fault is it to bring a soccer ball to the beach? The child’s fault. Dogs love soccer balls.

3. This stubborn dog who just doesn’t care.

4. This dog who gave her parents a heart attack.

5. He’s so proud too! We’re proud of you, but really can’t show that in front of your parents!

6. I feel for human feet. Virtually I stepped on a lot of stones this pup hid in the house.

How many of your dogs have done this? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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