12 eCards That Every Dog Parent Wants To Have! (Part 2)

You keep telling people that you’ve made the right choices, but opinions never fail to bother you. Then again, how many times can you say the same thing over and over again?

Sometimes it’s best to just send them an eCard and let them do the thinking because isn’t talking overrated? So when your word falls on deaf ears, here are some awesome eCards that come to your rescue! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. You know how when you’re at a party and your friends come over to talk to you, and then they force you to talk to someone you’ve never met, don’t know and don’t want to know about? Here’s an eCard for that occasion.

2. When you’re with your friends and you get bored so quickly because you’re constantly thinking about your dog? When your friends ask you why you don’t like anything, here’s a fitting response!

3. When your friends request you to connect with them and you do that in your own way and leave them confused. This is the perfect eCard for that situation.

4. When you’re at a dog park and someone approaches your dog and asks you if they can pet him, but your dog refuses. How do you handle that situation? With is eCard.

5. When you come across a rude dog parent at the dog park and can’t control your anger. Control it, but here’s an eCard for you!

6. When your parents ask you why you didn’t bring along your spouse…

How many of you have used eCards before? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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