12 Things Only Dog Parents Will Understand! (Part 1)

12 Things Only Dog Parents Will Understand! (Part 1)

As dog parents, there are certain things only we understand. Like why we babytalk, or why we don’t mind all the dog hair in our food! People who have never parented dogs often question why we do certain things a certain way, and that’s okay! We love our dogs! But here are some confessions!

1. Germs, you say? Here’s a parent who does something that’ll blow everyone’s minds!

2. Nothing can come between this parent and his dog… not even his girlfriend!

3. This parent who wishes everyone was a dog! Aww!! Wish we had tails too!

4. This parent has her priorities set right! We’re proud of you!

5. That’s probably the best excuse ever! Wish I had two dogs.

6. Yes! 100% Yes!

There’s more coming up! Stay tuned!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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