12 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Has His First Nosework Experience!

12 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Has His First Nosework Experience!

German shepherds are truly awesome dogs! There’s a reason they are so widely used as working dogs – K-9 units, bomb sniffers, and service dogs, German shepherd dogs have so many incredible abilities thanks to their sharp minds and attentiveness to humans. They’ve managed to save a lot of lives with their skills, and level of intelligence!

One little 12 week old German shepherd puppy named Stryker is just starting out, but already he’s incredible! He is attending a two day seminar with Ramsey Nosework to learn to sniff out certain odors.

His trainer reports, “Stryker was very food motivated, which we used to ensure vigilant searching. Towards the second session of the second day, he started to grasp the concept of focus at odor source = tasty treats.” It’s incredible how at such a young age, he’s already catching on so quickly. This is a pup with a lot of skills and is proof of just how smart and capable shepherds are.

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The video you’re about to see shows how a shepherd puppy is preparing himself for a long lasting and successful career with the K9 unit! The thing is, besides his great skills, Stryker looks extremely adorable!

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Feature Image Source: RAMSEY NOSEWORK

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