14 Embarrassing Dog Stories That Will Make You Laugh! (Part 1)

Who doesn’t like funny dog stories?!

Dogs are man’s best friend, true, but they’re also a source of massive embarrassment! The stories you’re about to read are so funny, you may want to sit down before you start reading! Presenting to you, a different, more hilarious side of dogs only a few people have witnessed so far! Check out some embarrassing dog stories that will make you laugh!

1. Emily Finsterbusch

“My dog is terrified of the vet. When they got him back in the exam room he decided to pee on himself, on the floor, on my shoes, on the table, on the vet, and on the vet tech. He basically flooded the room. He’s not allowed back without being heavily medicated first.”

2. jackil46eaed5e4

“I took my dog to a hotel where there was a revolving door. She poops when she gets nervous and I thought she would be fine going through the revolving door. I was wrong. She pooped and it just kept revolving, and revolving, and revolving. I walked in circles trying to pick it up as it had been smeared into the carpet.”

3. Catalina González

“I live in an apartment building, and once I was going to walk my dog when we ran into a neighbor with her dog at the lobby. While she was telling me that her dog had just been groomed, the dogs sniffed each other, and then my dog peed on top of the other dog.”

4. mirandam4fbdf24c1

“I was walking my dog Luna with my mother when this stranger came up to Luna and offered her a treat. My mother said, “She doesn’t usually take treats from strangers,” but this stranger didn’t care. Luna took the treat, swished it in her mouth, and spat it out.”

5. Lizzie Ann Lehmann

“When my husky mix Petey was younger than he is now, we took him to our local “Bark in the Park.” There was an area set up for the dogs to play around on, so we got him to the start of the track, threw the ball, let him go, and instead of going after the ball, he did a 180 and ran out of the flyball area and down a field toward the parking lot. We went chasing after him and when we finally caught sight of him again, it was just in time to see him jump into the open door of somebody’s minivan. ”

6. Lance McClelland

We were hiking and let our dog Gracie off the leash for the first time. She did great until we heard a commotion ahead of us where we could not see her. Gracie had entered a small family’s picnic and helped herself to one of the sandwiches. The family was very gracious about the whole ordeal, and now Gracie remains on her leash on our hikes.

7. Kathy French

When our golden retriever, Islay, was more spritely than she is today, we took her with us to the local outdoor cafe for lunch. We tied her leash to the metal patio table and began to enjoy our food. Islay, meanwhile, decided she wanted to get to know the gorgeous Labrador passing by. She went bounding for the Lab, taking our table in tow. Food and plates flew everywhere. Being chased by the table increased the speed at which she ran from the cafe and down the sidewalk, making for a very entertaining meal.

Do you have any embarrassing dog story to share? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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