14 Embarrassing Dog Stories That Will Make You Laugh! (Part 2)

Dogs are man’s best friend, true, but they’re also a source of massive embarrassment! The stories you’re about to read are so funny, you may want to sit down before you start reading!

Presenting to you, a different, more hilarious side of dogs only a few people have witnessed so far! Check out some embarrassing dog stories that will make you laugh! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. Alestriane

My dog picked up a beggar’s hat off the ground, right in front of him, with all the coins in and walked off with it like it was totally natural.

2. Stevie-Jay

When my shepherd was about 4 months old I let her ride along on a trip to the grocery store. Everything was good until I opened the back door of my car to put the groceries in. Nika darted out of the car, the automatic doors to the store opened up for her, and she ran around so excited to see everyone. She made it to one of the baggers and happy pee’d EVERYWHERE. I haven’t gone back to that store since.

3. aphillips1

My parents Lab waltzed into the neighbor’s opened door, unnoticed, one day and ate 7 mini-loaves of banana nut bread off their counter. My parents were mortified.

4. Unknown

My dog, Timbit, and I were at the dog park one day. All the dogs were playing and having a good time. All of a sudden I saw a woman pick up Timbit and start walking away with him. I called to her and she didn’t turn around so I freaked out that she was trying to steal him. I ran up to her, snatched Timbit away and started yelling at the woman. Then I realized that Timbit was standing at my feet and I had just grabbed a stranger’s dog away from her. The dog wasn’t even wearing the same colour harness. The whole entire park full of people were staring as I stammered out a few dozen apologies.

5. Kristi

My Labrador Holly was a bit of a hooligan when she was a pup. I was walking her once and she spotted a class doing a bootcamp style workout in the next field in the middle of doing press ups at the time. Holly thought it looked like great fun and charged over jumping on top of the people doing the press ups. Most of them laughed but the leader in the military style outfit didn’t look amused.

6. Sarah Scott

I was browsing the running section in Nike with my dog, Georgia, who took a liking to the astroturf grass that was part of the central display, and she decided that would be an appropriate time to take a poop in the middle of the store.

7. Adriana Diamond

My black Lab used to get into all sorts of trouble. She unwrapped all of the Christmas presents on Christmas Eve (even though there was no food under the tree). We woke up to find bits of soggy wrapping paper all over the house.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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