14 'Just Adopted' Dogs On Their First Day At Home!

All dogs deserve second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on… chances. That is because all dogs are perfect and only when they find perfect families can they truly be their happy selves.

Since this post is about adopted dogs, here’s a shoutout to all dog lovers who have adopted dogs from shelters and given them a chance to find true love and happiness! You are heroes in our eyes and in the eyes of your dogs. You’ve done humanity a great service, and you deserve all the happiness, love, smiles, and cuddles your puppy will give you for the rest of your lives together!

Having said that, when puppies leave shelters to go to their new homes, they don’t know what’s happening when a new human scoops them up in their arms and takes them home. But when they realize they’re going to their happily ever after, they can’t contain their excitement, naturally! It only takes them a few days to settle into their new forever homes and live the rest of their lives in love and happiness! Here are some dogs who just got adopted and are either on their way home or already there!

1. I get to live here? I get to be on this fluffy rug? Those are my toys?

2. When I was no bigger than daddy’s shoe. Thank you for rescuing me that day!

3. Yes, of course, I’m confused, but I’m sure I’m going to love staying with you all!

4. You mean this is my furniture too? You mean, I can sit here for as long as I want? Even at nights?

5. Oh, this is my very favorite spot! My mom’s lap is the bestest place in the world!

6. This is my yard? Really? OMG!

7. Are you dad? I love you, dad!

Isn’t this just too cute for words?! Show us a picture of your dog in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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