15 Easy Tips To Keep Your Dogs Happy During Fall Season

15 Easy Tips To Keep Your Dogs Happy During Fall Season

The autumn months are great for relaxation and playtime for dogs.

Here are 15 tips to keeping your dog happy and healthy this fall season:

Get waterproof boots

These will keep your dog’s paws nice and dry!

Get a humidifier

The air will stay warm and moist, preventing irritation due to dryness.

Use canned food

It has more moisture!

Don’t use antifreeze

It causes lots of dog poisonings every year.

Brush them

Fur coats are going to shed a lot.

Get nice bedding

Thick beds with warm blankets are a must-have!

Use safe decor

There are plenty of fall festivities. If you’re decorating, make sure everything’s dog-safe.

Use a pet stroller

Walks are nice, but fall weather is unpredictable.

Go to the vet

Make sure your dog is in good health!


Keep your dog’s nails and paw fur trimmed to prevent mud and dirt getting stuck.

Get clothes

Warm clothes can keep your dog healthy.

Get treats

Cold weather means more calories burned, and treats can fill the gaps.

Get supplements

Your dog may need fur, skin, or nail supplements.

Be ready for winter

Get an emergency kit ready for the winter months.

Keep preventative care

Don’t stop using tick and flea prevention just because it’s not summer!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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