15 More Reasons Why You Need Dogs In Your Life! (Part 1)

15 More Reasons Why You Need Dogs In Your Life! (Part 1)

Dogs are good for so many reasons! not only are they your babies, but they’re also your best friend, your therapist, your psychiatrist, your family member, your best friend, and did I mention your best friend?! Here are 15 more reasons why you need dogs in your life!

1. They can act as your personal box of tissues. Soft, soft tissues.

Your tissue rolls will eventually finish, but the love your dog has for you is unending, unconditional and undeniable. Look at the dog above, do you really think the man needs tissues anymore?!

2. Car ride partner! A fun one too!

Those who drive on a regular basis know just how boring driving can be. But if you add a dog to your car? Boom! Not only will your dog not judge you or your taste in music they’ll also never want to leave you alone and climb in the backseat!

3. They’re your personal alarm clock!

Who needs expensive alarm clocks when you have a living, breathing soul that looks forward to waking you up every morning with cuddles and kisses? Name one alarm clock that does that!

4. They’re your footrest when you need it!

Can you even begin to imagine this leisure? Not only are they furry, they also keep your feet warm! What more can you want?!

5. They can help clean too!

Extra food you can’t eat and don’t want to throw? Worry not! So long as the food is safe for your dogs, they’ll be more than happy to clean up after you!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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