16 People In Quarantine Tried Grooming Their Dogs... And Failed!

Life in quarantine isn’t easy, especially when you have dogs who love to have themselves in tip-top shape!

So what happens when there’s a lockdown, you’re under quarantine, and everyone’s maintaining social distance? Professional groomers are out of the question. There’s no way you can get professional groomers because they’re quarantining too, right? So what do you do when you know your dog desperately needs grooming? You DIY, of course! So some dog parents couldn’t resist the gravitational pull that drew them to scissors… and the results are beyond hilarious! This is why we have professional groomers, y’all. But too bad we’re all under quarantine. Let’s hope they’ll grow their fur back… real fast.

1. Oh. That look. He’s not happy. He’s definitely not trusting you with scissors again.

2. This dog, who now looks like a Chinchilla.

3. Nope. He’s not impressed.

4. This dog may forgive the parent that did this to him, but he won’t forget. Oh no he won’t.

5. Wait this dog went from dog to… bunny?

6. His body is so slender but at least his head is full of life…

7. Oh boy.

8. A haircut later, this dog’s a new breed.

How many of you have tried grooming your dogs? Show us a before and after picture in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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