20 Times Dogs Turned Out To Be A Different Breed Than Anticipated! (Part 2)

Imagine that you finally bring home your dog… nothing looks suspicious, days go by and who you thought was a beagle starts looking different. It gets to a point that you tell yourself that your dog is everything but a beagle!

Well, turns out a lot of people bring home their dogs, but as days go by, they realize that their dog isn’t the breed they were anticipating. That, of course, doesn’t matter to them because all dogs are special. All dogs are perfect. Check out how some of these dogs turned out to be a different breed than anticipated! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!


My “50 lb lab mix” grew into a sweet, beautiful 85 lb Rottweiler/boxer! Wouldn’t have her any other way. Pictured with my mom on her natural habitat (the lap).




I told my mom Bunni was a mini dachshund for Christmas now she is about 6-7 months old and 40 pounds lol. Merry Christmas mommy dearest lmao she loves her more then ever though so she is her mini dachshund on steroids lol


Our Little Girl was speculated to be a Beagle mix. However, I don’t believe I’ve ever met a 70 lb Beagle mix before. But we love her, whatever she is!



We were told he was a pug mix when we got him at 4 pounds 6 ounces. We were told he would never get bigger than 20 pounds. Well turns out he is a lab mix and now weighs 40 pounds! And we love every ounce of him!


Was told he was a “Chiweenie”. What they didn’t say is that there was quite a bit of Italian Greyhound in there.


This is Bruce. He was supposed to be a Rottweiler/Sheppard mix. He stopped at like 50lbs but that’s ok. Little cuddle monster.


My father-in-law’s “Chihuahua”

Has this happened to you? Share with us a story of your dog in the comments below!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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