24 Dogs Who Don't Know The Meaning Of Personal Space! (Part 3)

24 Dogs Who Don't Know The Meaning Of Personal Space! (Part 3)

Our dogs know how to make us uncomfortable, especially when we need our private time, but we love them anyway! When you’re gone for 30 seconds, to your dog, it feels like an eternity so it’s only natural that they come to check on you!

Here are a few dogs who’re here to barge into your personal space and if you have a dog, I’m sure you’re going to recognize most (if not all) of these faces! Here’s Part 1 and Part 2, in case you missed it!

1. Um. You’re closing your eyes. Are you sleeping? It’s not bedtime yet. It’s time to make dinner. Have you thought about what to prepare? I’ve got some ideas.

2. I see you! I’ll just be here, in case you need cuddles. Everyone needs cuddles. Oh, I guess I need one right now. It’s an emergency.

3. Am I too close? You want me to move back a little? Sorry, can’t do. I can see you better when I’m this close. In fact, I think I’ll move closer. There. That’s better.

4. My nose has detected something unusually tasty in your possession that I will love. Can I have it? I trust my nose and its ability to find food.

5. Oooh your breath smells delicious! Did you have bacon for breakfast? Because that would explain why it makes me hungry!

6. I’m free if you like cuddles. I’m free if you want to give me belly rubs. I love treats too.

7. Come here, stranger. I must kiss you.

8. Let me just squeeze through this thing so I can come and join you with whatever you’re doing over there. Give me a second.

How many of these faces do you recognize? Let us know in the comments, and we’re done… for now!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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