3 Common Questions That People Ask About Having A New Puppy

3 Common Questions That People Ask About Having A New Puppy

Everyone loves puppies, but having puppies comes with a ton of responsibility! Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one, bringing home a puppy can leave you with a lot of questions.

We’ve answered three questions below!

1. Housebreaking a puppy, how can I do it?

You have to realize that potty training your puppy will take time and won’t happen overnight. You need to have tons of patience because the pace depends on how fast or slow your puppy learns. A general rule of thumb is your puppy can hold it in for as many hours as his age in months. For example, if he’s one month old, he should go out every hour to prevent an accident.

2. What to expect at my puppy’s first vet exam?

As usual, your vet will check your puppy’s vitals and ask for his health history. If you’ve brought a stool sample, then that will be used to find out if your puppy has intestinal parasites. Your vet will thoroughly check your pup for any signs of disease, abnormalities, and skin parasites. If it is required, your vet will prescribe medication to prevent ticks and another one to deworm your puppy.

3. When can my puppy visit the dog park?

Your puppy should be introduced to as many people as you can during the first months of life to ensure that, later on, crowded places will not stress him out. However, if your puppy hasn’t received his vaccines yet, taking him out to public places is not recommended. The reason it isn’t recommended is because a puppy who’s not vaccinated can easily contract diseases like parvo.

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