3 Dangerous Dog Behaviors And How To Stop Them

3 Dangerous Dog Behaviors And How To Stop Them

Dogs have a weird way of getting into trouble, don’t you agree? There are things they don’t do on purpose, for example digging into the trash, and things they do on purpose, like eating laundry and running out the front door knocking you on the ground. Here are three dangerous behaviors that need to stop.

Although they don’t really mean to get in trouble and risk yours or their life, the fact is that they’re not aware that some of their behaviors come with dangerous consequences. Your dog would love to have his way around, but that’s dangerous and can risk his life. Here are some dangerous dog behaviors that need to stop:

1. Eating inedible and dangerous things

It’s not cute to find that your dog ate or shredded your socks or shoes. It’s dangerous to their health. If dogs accidentally eat inedible things it can damage or get blocked in his intestines that require surgery to remove. As for dangerous things like medicine and toxic plants, it can cause death. Always keep inedible and dangerous things away from your dog. “Drop it” command can come handy when your dog has something dangerous in his mouth that he shouldn’t swallow.

2. Roaming and running unsupervised

Dogs love to run and roam free, but this could be fatal. They could be hit by cars or go missing because they lost their way back home. Spay and neuter your dogs so they don’t roam the streets to find a mate. Play games with your dogs to keep them occupied and entertained so they don’t get bored and decide to look for some solo adventure. “Come” command should be taught so dogs know its time to come home – this could save his life.

3. Chasing people and cars

I’ve seen so many dogs get hurt because they chase people and cars on busy roads. Not only is this risk for you and your dog, but also for people who your dog is chasing. The command “turn” and “sit” can come handy when you want your dog to stop doing what he’s doing, turn to look at you and sit. Please talk to your vet about possible ways to stop your dog from biting people, if he has a history of becoming aggressive.

What dog behaviors do you think are dangerous? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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