3 Mistakes New Dog Parents Should Never Make

3 Mistakes New Dog Parents Should Never Make

New dog parents aren’t always aware that some things they are doing could harm their dog’s health and behavior in the long-run. So if you’ve just brought home a dog or know someone who has, here are three mistakes you should never make.

1. They don’t measure their dog’s food

Overfeeding is a real problem that can cause obesity. While we want our puppies to be healthy overfeeding them can put pressure on their developing body structure that could cause bone problems later in their lives. Always speak to your vet and feed the recommended amount of food to your dogs, nothing more, nothing less.

2. They avoid using food puzzles

Instead of serving food to your dog in a bowl, feed him with the use of a food puzzle or food dispenser so it takes longer for your dogs to eat. The longer it takes for them to eat, the better their digestion will be. Apart from that, food puzzles help exercise their brain and body and thus make sure that your dogs get some mental stimulation while they physically work to get their food.

3. They don’t bathe their dogs on a weekly basis

It’s not true that if you bathe your dog often that their skin will dry out. Bathing your dogs frequently is good for them and for you because they help remove allergens and infections such as yeast and bacteria. In order to keep your dogs clean, a weekly bath is recommended.

What other mistakes should new dog parents not make? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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