3 Simple Hacks That May Help You Save Your Dog's Life

3 Simple Hacks That May Help You Save Your Dog's Life

We often hear about life hacks and how simple, small efforts can make all the difference! That’s the case if you’re a pup parent, too – some hacks can even make your pup’s life longer and healthier.

Here are three dog hacks to try out!

1. Make your own treats

High value treats are often quite unhealthy and full of unnecessary ingredients. So why not make your own by boiling chicken in filtered water, shredding it into pieces, and the freezing them? This gives your pup some yummy treats that are packed with lean protein!

2. Filter your pup’s water

It may sound a little over the top, but in some places tap water and also plastic-stored bottled water may contain endocrine disruptors that can affect the balance of the metabolic processes. This means that giving your pup tap water or bottled water can add to the risk of future endocrine problems, like hypothyroidism. So getting a water filter can reduce that risk!

3. Teach your pup the “wait” command

Training your pup to stop and wait can save his life. Many pups run out onto the road when they exit a car or arrive in an unfamiliar place, which puts them in danger of being hit by a passing car. Having a pup who knows to stop and wait can give you time to assess the area, looking out for other pups or any potential risks while you put the leash on.

These simple life hacks can help to make your pup healthier and ultimately happier, and that’s what all pup parents want for their canine companions! Do like and share this information if you found it helpful!

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