3 Simple Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Today

3 Simple Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Today

Everybody loves a dog that can perform one or two tricks. However, dogs don’t start performing tricks on their own; you have to teach them with love and patience.

Here are 3 simple tricks you can teach your dog today:

Shake Hands

Make your dog sit, say “Shake hands,” and take their paw. Praise them and let go of their paw. Repeat this a couple of times daily. After some days, tell your dog, “Shake hands,” without taking their paw. Your dog will raise their paw themselves if they’ve learned that command. If not, continue teaching them.


Let your dog see you putting treats in a ball, then give them some of the treats. Throw the ball and run with your dog to get it. Remove the treats from the ball and give them. Repeat this for some time. After a while, stop running with them and allow them to fetch it. Once your dog has learned to fetch, start reducing the treats till they won’t need them to fetch.


This trick requires a dog whistle and several small treats. Blow the whistle once and give your dog a treat. Repeat this several times during the day and the next couple of days while increasing the distance between you and your dog each time you blow the whistle. Soon your dog should come running whenever they hear the whistle.

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