3 Sports To Try With Your Hyper-Active Dogs!

3 Sports To Try With Your Hyper-Active Dogs!

Is your dog the active sort? Here are 3 sports to try with them!


The sport of agility involves showing your dog a wide range of obstacles and encouraging them to learn to go through them. Weave poles, ramps, teeter-totters, and tunnels are all standard fare of an agility course.

A lot of training is needed before a dog can safely and accurately run an agility course – and it’s not for every dog! It’s a very high-energy activity that requires a dog who enjoys fast-paced excursions.

Dock Diving

Dock diving dates back to 1997 and features a dock measuring around 30-40 feet in length, usually carpeted or turfed to provide traction for a dog’s paws. A dog must jump away from the end of the dock as far as they can!

To make this happen, owners stand at the goal area of the dock and toss a toy or offer a treat, urging their dog to take the leap. For some, this involves a sit-and-release structure. In other cases, it’s a race. This is another fast-paced activity, but more dogs can enjoy it!


Flyball is a game that has teams of four dogs each, which must then compete through a relay setup to complete an obstacle course. Standard flyball courses span 51 feet and have a specific set of obstacles to get through.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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