3 Steps You Should Take To Protect Your Dogs In The Event Of Emergencies

3 Steps You Should Take To Protect Your Dogs In The Event Of Emergencies

Disaster preparedness is a critical action plan for the protection and safety of humans and pets alike. What are the three essential steps that we must take to protect our pets in the event of emergencies?

1. Prepare an emergency kit for pets

Assemble a supply kit with survival basics and other necessities:

  • Food and water
  • Medical records and medicines
  • First aid pack
  • Collar with tag
  • Harness or leash
  • Carrier or crate
  • Sanitation supplies

Consider having two kits, one for evacuating and the other one for staying. Review, replace, and replenish the stocks accordingly.

2. Plan what to do in an emergency

Create separate getaway plans to cover the possibilities of when evacuation becomes necessary and if staying put is the best option.

Develop a buddy system with friends, neighbors, and relatives to ensure that your pet is cared for or evacuated if you are unable to do so. Designate specific assembly locations in the immediate neighborhood and farther away. Keep a contact list of veterinary services, pet accommodations, or hotels that allows pets.

3. Know the different emergency types

Be informed of the types of emergency situations and become familiar with the disasters common in the area. Be aware of contingency plans that have been established by the local government and the state.

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