These 38 Rescued Beagles Will Melt Your Heart!

These 38 Rescued Beagles Will Melt Your Heart!

If you’ve heard of Beagle Freedom Project, you know this is an incredible organization who goes above and beyond to rescue beagles across the country gain their freedom from being used in lab testing.

It’s not uncommon for the beagles they rescue to have never had the experience of having grass under their feet, companionship, toys, or someone to love them but thanks to this dedicated group of heroes fighting for beagles every step of the way, they have been able to rescue beagles from this sad life and find them good, loving homes where they will be provided with all the things they’ve been missing out on.

This summer, they had a very special rescue where 38 beagles were saved from laboratory tests across the country, and it’s so amazing to see how their spirits aren’t crushed from the awful experience they went though! They just seize the opportunity to live and savor every moment.

Watch the video below to see the full story behind the beagles and their rescue mission!

Feature Image Source: BeagleFreedomProject

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