The 4 Best Games To Play With A Golden Retriever

The 4 Best Games To Play With A Golden Retriever

If you have a golden retriever in your life, you are probably already pretty familiar with fetch, so we’ve put together some of our other favorite games to play with your furry BFF!

4. Fetch 2.0

What golden doesn’t love a good game of fetch? Upgrade a basic game of fetch into something a little more advanced by teaching your dog to fetch their toys by name. For starters, teach them the names of the toys you will be using so they learn to recognize each toy by name. You can do this by repeating the name of their toy when they play with it and praising them at the same time.

Then, once they know the names of their toys, give them the command to go find a specific toy. For example, “Find Mr. Duck!” and the challenge is that they need to bring you Mr. Duck. If they bring the wrong toy, no worries! Put it back and tell them to “Find Mr. Duck” again 🙂 Stick with it and before you know it, they’ll be getting a great mental and physical workout!

3. Hide N Seek

This is a classic that the whole family can play together and it’s perfect for a playing outside or inside! Take turns hiding and calling out to your dog so they can find you. Remember to shower them with lots of love when they find you 🙂

If you really want to up the ante and do something special, you can play this with treats too! Instead of having your dog seek people, hide treats in fun places throughout the house and let your dog follow their nose to find the secret stashes! Just be sure to remember where you hid the treats do you can make sure they are all found.

2. Clean Up

This one is a fun challenge for your dog, with a nice added bonus for humans because it means you don’t need to be the one picking up dog toys from all over the house. Start with a pile of dog toys on the floor. Show your dog how to pick up and put away the toy where it belongs. Choose a phrase to go along with it like “clean up!” Repeat it and guide them to pick up their toys and drop them in their toy basket. Continue to practice this until they get the hang of it and eventually you’ll be able to say “clean up” and they’ll know exactly what it means!

1. DIY Agility

You can get creative with this one! You don’t need a fancy agility course in your backyard in order to enjoy doing some agility with your dog!

If it’s a rainy day, you can make an agility course inside using furniture, old wrapping paper tubs, blankets, whatever you have! The idea is to make a fun obstacle course for your dog and lead them through it with treats. Practice going through it faster and faster and if that gets too easy, rearrange it to keep things interesting!

If it’s nice outside, you can do the same thing in your backyard! Use what you have to make fun obstacles for your dog to maneuver through to burn off some excess energy!

Playing games with your dog doesn’t require anything fancy – just a little creativity and a few treats will do the trick! Get creative and most importantly, have fun with your dog! That is all they really want anyway 🙂

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