4 Incredible Gifts To Give Your Dachshund Pup This Christmas! Let The Celebrations Begin!

4 Incredible Gifts To Give Your Dachshund Pup This Christmas! Let The Celebrations Begin!

Christmas is a great time to treat your fur ball! If you have a little dachshund pup, these gift ideas will be perfect for you.

1. Dachshund leash.

This green grosgrain ribbon leash is covered in little dachshund illustrations that are too cute for words! It’s sturdy thanks to strong webbing and is easily attached to any collar with a simple clasp. You can even opt to buy it with a matching collar to have your pup looking extra chic. Check it out here!

2. Dachshund home pillow.

This lovely, exclusive throw pillow speaks the truth about our lovely dachshund family members, and will make a fabulous addition to your pup’s cushion collection, or just to have around the house for them to curl up against. Imagine how cute your fur ball will look cuddling up to it! You can buy it here.

3. Dachshund PoochieBells®.

These are meant as a potty-training aid, where pups learn to ring the bell on the item when they need to use the bathroom, so you won’t have to deal with any more accidents! Best of all, these particular PoochieBells® have a super cute dachshund design on them. Sound useful? Check them out here!

4. Medium Fleece Dog Coat.

This piece of clothing is perfect for the colder months, and it’s dachshund-sized, too! These vet-approved coats are fastened with Velcro and allow access for leashes and let collars and tags remain untouched, making them safe and comfy for pups. Choose from a wide range of patterns, from the generic paw prints in many colors to bright Christmas penguins, and from tiger stripes to coffee cups. Take a look here!

These are great gifts for your fur ball, and the best part is that purchasing them will help feed a shelter pup for a certain number of meals or days. It’s for a good cause, and your pup gets new things – it’s a win-win! Don’t forget to like and share!

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