4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Dog Destroy His Toys!

4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Dog Destroy His Toys!

I know, you’re confused. Isn’t there a training to stop your dog from chewing and destroying things? Yes, there is, and while that helps to stop him from destroying your belongings and furniture, there are certain things chewing helps with! Check them out!

1. Relieves Stress

Much like humans, dogs experience stress too, especially when they’re left alone; because they become overwhelmed and have a difficult time coping with an “empty” environment. Chewing helps them release this stress and tension. Best to provide them toys they can chew!

2. Fights Boredom

What do you do when you’re bored? Unlike humans, dogs don’t snuggle up to their smartphones and laptops to pass their time, so how do they fight boredom? By playing and chewing the toys you provide to them. Giving them chewable toys will keep them entertained and distracted from destroying your belongings.

3. Encourages Proper Chewing

If you don’t want your dog to chew your rug, furniture, books, shoes, and other belongings, it’s best to give them something they can chew when the urge arises. This will prevent your dog from forming inappropriate chewing habits.

4. Keeps Them Active

Just imagine a situation where you’re locked in a room with nothing to do. Scary isn’t it? There will come a time when you get bored and because you’re so bored and have nothing to do, you fall asleep and eventually become inactive. Allowing your dog to run around, chew his toys and sneak in your bathroom will help them remain active, especially when they’re not getting enough exercise.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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