4 Reasons Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Shower

4 Reasons Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Shower

If you have been a dog parent for a while, then you already know there are two types of dogs. Those that like bath times and those that dread it. The latter is the worst.

You can see the color drain from their face when they sense they are about to bathe. Then they start questioning their God, wondering why he would give them such an unpleasant parent who cares about their hygiene. They would rather you walk them all day, every day than get in that basin.

But have you ever wondered why they hate showers? I have, and I came up with four possible reasons.

  1. It’s uncomfortable
    Maybe the water is too warm or cold, maybe the basin is too small, maybe they don’t like the way you are touching them. The sound of running water could also be affecting them or they don’t like the way you hose and scrub them. They can’t say it so they will try and avoid bathing. Adjust each of these factors and see if the dog begins enjoying the process.
  2. Bath Traumatic Stress Disorder – It’s a real thing
    Maybe a previous parent mishandled your dog during bath time. And now, taking a shower brings back bad memories. Work on slowly gaining the dog’s trust and convince them not all parents are heartless.
  3. They like the scent of their bodies
    Have you ever thought that the smell you consider sweet could be repelling for your dog? It’s possible they enjoy how they smell and don’t want to get rid of it.
  4. It’s a dull affair
    Try and spice up your dog’s bathing session by giving them treats and playing with them. Now watch how they come trudging excitedly next time they need to take a shower!

Does your dog hate bath time? What do you do when it’s time to bathe them? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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