Here Are 4 Signs That Your Dog May Be Suffering From Joint Issues

Here Are 4 Signs That Your Dog May Be Suffering From Joint Issues

Joint problems are a common “side effect” of aging, and this goes for creatures of all species.

So if you have an older pup and you’re starting to notice some changes, then it’s time to spring into action and take steps to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Arthritis, and other joint or bone pain problems, is caused by wear and tear on the joints. Active pups are the most at risk for this condition, but it can happen to any pup. As such, it’s important to be able to note down warning signs so you can be prepared. Here are four to look out for.

1. Stiffness

If your pup begins to have difficulty standing up after sitting or lying down, or expresses pain when he does, it could be a sign of joint pain.

2. Limping

If your pup limps on or favors one or more of their limbs, it can be a result of arthritis.

3. Pain when raising head

Some pups with arthritis may experience pain in the neck region, resulting in them expressing pain when they look up or if they are carried or lifted.

4. Reluctance to jump or climb

If your pup used to easily get on and off of furniture and climbed stairs with no problem, but now does not want to, it could be due to pain in their limbs. Reluctance to climb is a sign of rear limb pain, and refusal to jump off of things is a sign of front limb pain.

There is a wide range of joint issues that your pup can experience. In order to know which one it is, you have to bring your pup to the vet the moment you notice signs of pain. Do like and share this information!

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