4 Summer Grooming Tips From An Expert To Make Summers More Enjoyable!

4 Summer Grooming Tips From An Expert To Make Summers More Enjoyable!

Summer’s finally here, which means no more winter coats for your pups! As your fur ball spends his days frolicking in the grass and playing in the water, it’s important to ensure that all pups are kept well-groomed!

Here are some tips to a healthy, happy, groomed pup! First, take good care of your pup’s fur coat. Don’t let knots and tangles form! Make sure to regularly brush, de-shed, rake, and comb, especially if your pup is in the water a lot. This keeps their skin healthy!

Do also make sure to remove dead undercoat from your fur ball in a similar fashion so they can stay cool in the heat. However, if your pup is a double-coated breed with a rough topcoat and a soft undercoat – like a retriever or a pomeranian – then don’t shave them! The double coat is what helps your pup regulate their body temperature. Opt for a haircut instead.

Next, make sure your pup’s nails are trimmed short. Snip off the ends of the nails at 45-degree angles with nail trimmers, then use a nail grinder to make sure those edges stay smooth and filed. This ensures that no nails break on long runs and makes it easier to walk.

Finally, keep your fur ball hydrated! Make sure their water bowl is always full. If your pup’s fussy about drinking, find fun ways to help them enjoy it – use a hose, sprinkler, or let them drink from a bottle.

There you have it! Now your pup is all set for the summer. Don’t forget to give this a thumbs up and share these tips with other pup mommies and daddies everywhere!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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