4 Things To Keep In Mind If Your Dog Stops Listening To You

4 Things To Keep In Mind If Your Dog Stops Listening To You

It’s easy to blame a dog for not listening to us, but bad manners and disrespect are learned behaviors for dogs. They may simply not understand the rules, or they’ve gotten away with breaking them many times.

Worse still, these problems will likely get worse as time goes on. That’s why you need to step in and make sure your dog knows a thing or two about good manners. Here’s how:

Step 1: Ignore Bad Behavior

Don’t scold or berate. Just ignore. When your dog does something bad, teach them that they will get no attention from you by doing these negative things.

Step 2: Teach Your Dog Self-Control

Use commands like sit, stay, leave it, and other similar ones to build your dog’s self-control. This will teach them to manage their excitement. You can also ask a professional trainer for help.

Step 3: Give Positive Reinforcement

This involves a lot of dedication. When you notice your dog doesn’t do the discouraged behavior for once, quickly reward them with praise, a simple treat, or just a little love. This will rewrite the rules they know in their heads.

Step 4: Exercise

When a dog exercises, they are burning off tons of excess energy. This will prevent them from acting out later, whether out of boredom or the huge amount of energy they have.

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