5 Best Housewarming Gifts For Dog Lovers!

5 Best Housewarming Gifts For Dog Lovers!

Buying something for the new home of someone who just loves pups?

Here are 5 housewarming gifts for dog lovers:

Welcome Flowers Flag

These flags feature the portrait of either a Labrador retriever, a German shepherd, or a golden retriever with a wreath of lovely flowers beneath it. The word “Welcome” is written above in a cursive font, and the flags come in two colors.

German Shepherd Leash Holder

This leash holder has a cute hand-carved German shepherd peeking over the top of a plaque made from solid walnut. You can hand leashes there, or even keys or other items. The German shepherd design comes in white, black, and tan, too!

Dog Picture Frames

These frames are made from engraved alderwood, featuring a mix of carved bones, hearts, or paws, depending on the design. Words in a lovely font are also carved in some of them, all meant to show off your love for your pup! There are four sizes available, too.

Dog Aprons

These lovely aprons have Tamara Burnett artwork of dog portraits flanked by two pawprints. The aprons have pockets, are of a full-length bib style, and have an adjustable neck, all proclaiming “Cookin’ with my (dog breed)!”

Dog Breed 2020 Wall Calendar

These calendars for 2020 feature images of a breed of your choice, according to availability. They also come with free access to a DogDays app that provides plenty of dog-related fun and cuteness.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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