5 Dog Coats Myths and Facts You Need To Know

5 Dog Coats Myths and Facts You Need To Know

Keeping your dog warm in winter is one of your duties as a responsible dog parent. Many dog parents ensure their dogs stay warm through dog winter coats. While canine couture is so adorable, the question is whether dogs need winter coats or sweaters. We've put together myths and facts to answer the question:

Myth #1: Every dog needs a coat to stay warm during cold weather.

Fact: Not all dogs need a coat to protect themselves from cold. Dogs needing coats or sweaters are puppies, seniors, shorter-haired breeds, and dogs with medical conditions.

Myth #2: Big dogs don't need winter coats.

Fact: Some big dog breeds would benefit from wearing coats or sweaters in winter. For instance, Greyhounds have very little body fat and are sensitive to colder weather.

Myth #3: Every dog would be comfortable wearing a coat.

Fact: Some dogs don't like wearing any apparel and would feel uncomfortable when you force it on them, which you shouldn't do.

Myth #4: Close-fitted coats are best because they keep your dog warm.

Fact: It is important to prioritize your dog's mobility when choosing their apparel.

Myth #5: Heavy coats or sweaters offer the most protection.

Fact: When choosing dog coats, heavier doesn't necessarily mean better. Thanks to technological advancements, there is now thin outerwear that offers adequate protection.

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