5 Dog Stereotypes That Are 100% True!

5 Dog Stereotypes That Are 100% True!

There are a ton of stereotypes about dogs out there. Some of which are true, and others which are not so true.

We spend too much of our time already focusing on the negatives, so for once, let’s focus on the positives. Here are 5 stereotypes about dogs that are 100% true:

1. They’re Friendly and Love people

Dogs are pack animals, meaning they need to socialize a lot, just like us. In one study by the Journal of Anthrozooss, dog people are found to be extraverted, agreeable, and conscientious. As a result, dogs feel comfortable around them and will gravitate their way, even if they are strangers.

2. They’re Loyal

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” because they are loyal. They give unconditional love and don’t judge. They bond well with families and will keep them safe as long as they are good to them.

3. They love treats

Dogs love treats and know the value of them very well. You’ll notice that their training goes much smoother with the promise of treats, and they’ll put themselves through the wringer to attain them. They’re similar to us in this regard.

4. They Recognise Social Cues

Dogs are able to detect various social cues, especially based on how we move, and the tone and volume of our voice. They use these to regulate their behavior, and determine how they should react.

5. They abide by their code with tons of energy

Dogs are well-behaved creatures once properly trained, and combine all the above traits to form a code. This code is followed with tons of energy and will stick to it (most of the time).

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