5 Easy And Fun Brain Games To Keep Your Dogs Active And Engaged!

5 Easy And Fun Brain Games To Keep Your Dogs Active And Engaged!

Entertaining your dog improves the bond you share and prevents destructive behavior. Give these five easy and fun brain games a chance to keep your dog active and engaged.

1. Hot or Cold Game

Hide a ball somewhere around the room. Start by putting it somewhere in plain sight until your dog understands the rules.

Say “hot” each time your dog moves in the right direction and follow it with a treat. Say “cold” and do not hand out a treat if he is not going in the right direction. Your dog will eventually associate the word hot with moving closer toward the hidden ball.

2. Tidy Up Game

First, train your dog to become familiar with the “fetch” command and the name of his toys.

Then, place a basket underneath your hands and spread out several toys around the room. Teach your dog to fetch each toy and let it pass by your hands into the basket.

3. Treasure Hunt Game

Hide a few treats around the room for your dog to sniff out. Say “hunt” when he finds each treat. You can expand the hiding area once your dog becomes adept at hunting.

4. Which Cup Game

Use three identical (paper or plastic) cups and line them up in a row, while hiding a treat under one of them. Mix the cups up and let your dog select the right cup with his nose or paw, then lift the cup up. He wins the treat if he guesses correctly!

5. Which Hand Game

Hide a treat in one of your hands. Let your dog sniff both hands and guess which hand the treat is hiding in. If he gets it right, turn over your hand and release the treat.

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