5 Holiday Tips You Need To Keep In Mind If You Have A Dog In The House!

5 Holiday Tips You Need To Keep In Mind If You Have A Dog In The House!

The holiday season is fun for the whole family, but when you’ve got a pup in that loving circle, you’ll need to take extra precautions so that they enjoy the festivities as much as you do!

Here are some tips to make the holidays more dog-friendly.

1. Remember that pups are sensitive!

Pups have very strong senses. The scent of some food or treats is sure to be picked up by a dog, resulting in stolen bits he shouldn’t have eaten, so keep those out of the way! Loud music can also throw off a dog, especially since they can hear sounds much clearer than humans can. Try to avoid the banging drums and tooting trumpets and go for more calming festive music.

Also, meeting new people who communicate and act in ways your pup isn’t used to can be confusing and frightening. This may cause a usually well-behaved dog to act out or spend the day hidden in a corner. Try to let your pup stay in a quiet area during a party, and consider purchasing a Dog Appeasing Pheromone collar or diffuser to help sooth nerves!

2. Dressing up takes practice!

As much as you’d love to dress your pup in a Santa suit or a Christmas-themed outfit or costume, some dogs can feel stressed out due to being made to wear clothes, especially when they aren’t prepared.

To counter this problem, try getting your dog used to wearing the clothes for the big night in slow but steady increments. Leave the costume out for him to sniff, then let him wear it for a few seconds, then increase the amount of time he spends in it.

3. Not all festive food is for pups!

When your dog sees the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and everything else on the dining room table, he might really beg hard for a taste and give you big puppy eyes. Don’t give in, though! A dog’s diet needs to be kept regular, and he should only have treats specially prepared to be healthy and safe for him.

You can also opt to add fruit or vegetable to your pup’s meals to make them special, or maybe give him a toy that can dispense his food when he plays with it so that he can have fun during dinner. But don’t give your pup too much to eat! He should not eat any more than he usually does.

4. Keep décor out of reach!

The big tree decorated with ornaments and the lovely presents you’ve set out under the tree can be interpreted by a pup as new toys for him to play with. But tinsel, lights, and edible ornaments and treats are all dangerous to a playful, wandering dog!

Make sure your pup is familiar with the command “leave it”, or put up a fence around your Christmas tree and presents. Make sure all electrical cords are out of reach, as well as festive plants like holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia, which are all toxic to dogs!

5. Have fun!

Now that you know how to keep your pup out of trouble, you can enjoy the festivities in peace. Season’s greetings to all, and do share this around for other pup parents!

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