5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Welcome Your Next Pup Home

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Welcome Your Next Pup Home

So, you want to bring in a new, fluffy addition to the family? First off, congratulations! You’ll make a tail wag very happily soon!

In the meantime, you’ll need to make some decisions. What type of pup will you get, and within what age range? Do you have a specific breed in mind? How can you pick the best fur ball for you? Admittedly, these are pretty tough choices and need to be based on your current lifestyle, but here are some ways that you can narrow it down.

1. Time

Younger pups need much more exercise and training, and they also need a hefty amount of attention! On the other hand, older fur balls are usually already trained in some aspects and move a little more slowly. If you’re out all day and prefer home to be for relaxation, then an older pup might be right for you!

2. Patience

A younger fur ball might tear up furniture here and there, make lots of messes, and need to attend puppy training classes. If you have the time and effort to spare (and the temperament!), then sure!

3. Attention

If you’re out all day long, a younger pup might not adapt well to that, leading to destructive behavior and many, many escape attempts – not to mention constant barking! Meanwhile, an older pup will likely just lounge around until you’re home.

4. Activity

If you love to run or exercise, a young pup is a great companion. But if you’re older or are considering buying a pet for an older family member (like your parents or grandparents), keep in mind that taking a young, excitable pup for walks might not be very easy for them!

5. You

What, to you, is something you really want in a fur ball? An exercise buddy? A companion for the kids? A relaxed companion? Factoring in your expectations will really help you pick a pup most suited for you.

Have fun choosing your new fur ball companion! They’ll be so happy to have a forever home. Like and share if you found this useful or informative!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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