5 Reasons You Should Test For Dog For Diabetes

5 Reasons You Should Test For Dog For Diabetes

We tend to think of diabetes as a human disease, but the fact is that diabetes mellitus affects about 1% of pups who reach the age of 12.

The figure might not seem like such a large one, but this hormonal disease is expensive to treat and requires a lot of care to prevent it from becoming fatal, so it’s important that you test your dog for the condition. Here are some more reasons to do so.

1. It increases a pup’s lifespan

Untreated diabetes can greatly reduce the length of a pup’s life, and it will likely result in long-term harm that will affect your dog’s health and happiness.

2. It can save your pup’s eyesight

A large majority of pups with diabetes may lose their sight and go blind, or at least suffer severe inflammation of the eyes, due to cataracts as the disease manifest. This is a result of the excess sugar in the system. Proper treatment – or surgery, if necessary – will save their eyes.

3. It will reduce urinary issues

Diabetes can result in a high increase in drinking and urination, which will also mean more accidents in the house. This can also mean urinary tract infections. To prevent this, regular insulin treatments will be needed to control the condition.

4. You’ll save money

It’s an expensive process to treat diabetes. Insulin injections are needed twice a day, special prescription diets are necessary, and many vet visits will be needed. If you make sure your pup is regularly tested, you can take measures to prevent this from happening.

5. You’ll have peace of mind

It’s good for you to know that your pup is healthy, especially when you hear it directly from a veterinarian! Your vet may even provide regular vaccines to prevent your pup from getting diabetes, so you will be able to rest easy.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to get your pup tested from diabetes, especially as he or she ages! Do like and share this for other pup parents to see!

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