5 Reasons Why Your Vet Is Happy Your Dog Destroys His Toys!

Dogs love, love, love to destroy their toys. You’d be lucky to see a toy in tiptop shape a week after you bought it. That’s just the way dogs are, and in fact, destroying toys should be encouraged!

After reading the title, you must have thought I’ve lost my mind, but trust me, I haven’t. Let me tell you a bit about my dog. Every time I buy him a toy, within a couple of days it’d be in shreds. Either the toy’s limbs would be missing, or the head would be gone, or it would be completely unrecognizable. So I asked my vet what I could do to make the toys last, and he told me that he was actually happy that my dog was destroying his toys! I was confused, but he clarified:

1. Keeps them busy from destroying personal things

If your dog is busy chewing his toys, that means he’s not busy chewing and destroying your personal belongings, which according to me, is a big win-win situation. Also, it’s cheaper to replace toys than it is to replace furniture, laptops, shoes and other more expensive things that can’t be easily replaced.

2. Teeth health

According to experts, chewing keeps a dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Apart from that, chewing toys can help break down plaque on the teeth that can otherwise attract expensive dental treatments. Here’s a tip: smear toothpaste on their favorite chew toy and your dog will brush their teeth themselves!

3. Helps burn their energy

If you want your dog to remain calm and alert, they need to be able to drain out excess energy and chewing is one way to do it. Not only does chewing help drain their energy, it also makes them happy because they enjoy chewing their toys!

Do your dogs destroy their toys? What’s the latest toy they have destroyed? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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