5 Reasons Your Dog Gets A Serious Case Of The Zoomies After A Bath!

5 Reasons Your Dog Gets A Serious Case Of The Zoomies After A Bath!

After a bath, dogs often run around crazily. What makes them get such a serious case of the zoomies after bathing? Here are 5 reasons!

Their Scent

No matter how mild the scent of the shampoo and products you’re using, your dog’s sensitive nose is probably going to notice and dislike the difference. They’ll run around and roll all over everything to try and bring their original scent back.

Water In Ears

If a dog has water in their ears after bathing, they may desperately try to get rid of it by running around. Make it a habit to dry your dog’s ears whenever they bathe or swim!


For dogs who don’t like water, the end of a bath is a time for a flood of relief. Plus, even dogs who love the water may not be too fond of baths! After being restrained for many minutes, their excitement at being out of the bath can be huge.


Similarly to relief, staying still in a bath for prolonged periods of time can create a lot of pent up energy, especially in dogs who are anxious about baths or heavily dislike them. All that stress builds and builds until it is released once they’re “free”!

Drying Off

Running around all over the place helps a dog to dry off. No amount of towels or hairdryers can really fully dry out a dog’s fur on their own!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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