5 Simple Tips For Parents Who Travel Without Their Dogs

5 Simple Tips For Parents Who Travel Without Their Dogs

For pet parents, travel plans sometimes involve having to leave their dogs behind in the care of others. The top five considerations below can help prepare all parties for caregiving and travel success:

Home Based Or Boarding Facilities

Hiring a pet sitter for home is perhaps the least stressful option as your dog has all the creature comforts that he is accustomed to, providing minimal disruption to his habits and routine.

Alternatively, boarding options are available that include kennel accommodations, pet hotels, and off-leash facilities depending on your budget.

Meet & Greet For A Good Match

Arranging a proper introduction between your dog and the potential pet sitter beforehand ensures the best fit.

If visiting the boarding facility or pet sitter’s place, perform an ocular inspection of the feeding, sleeping, and outdoor areas. Convey all your concerns and questions.

Knowledge Is Power

Once the caregiver is selected, prepare a list that covers the habits and routines of your dog, including emergency information. Some examples are feeding frequency and quantity, favorite activities, and so on. Quirks and traits must also be communicated.

Training For Success

A well-trained dog is better behaved and possesses good coping skills when faced with new situations, making him less difficult to care for. Make time to refresh or upgrade your dog’s training if he needs it.

Activities Before Leaving

If possible, provide more than enough exercise for your dog on departure day. Taking him for a long walk or playing extended fetch can help reduce separation anxiety and make the transition less stressful.

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