5 Strange Eating Habits Your Dogs Show And What They Mean

5 Strange Eating Habits Your Dogs Show And What They Mean

Do your dogs have weird eating habits? They could be trying to tell you something interesting! Here are 5 mealtime quirks and what they say about your dog.

1. Pushing Food Onto The Ground

If your dog keeps moving his food to the floor before eating it, making a huge mess, there’s probably an issue with the bowl. It may smell or sound weird, or it might move too much.

2. Chowing Down On Soil

Is your dog devouring yucky dirty from your yard? They could be lacking potassium, iron, zinc, or magnesium, which can all be found in some soils.

3. Bring Frightened

A dog that’s frightened of their food is definitely confusing! But this can actually point to a scary bowl. Reflective metal ones are the common cause, due to the noise it can make and the movement of their reflection.

4. Eating For Ages

Does your dog never gobble down their food, instead of taking minutes or perhaps hours? They may have a stomach ache or toothache – or they could just feel very safe!

5. Shoving Around The Bowl

A dog with lots of energy will have trouble eating calmly and may accidentally push their bowl all around the room during mealtimes! It’s cute and funny, so enjoy the show!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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