5 Things To Remember When Training Your Dog

5 Things To Remember When Training Your Dog

Are you having difficulty training your dog? Here are 5 more tips to make it easier!

Learn From Mistakes

Is your dog really struggling to learn something with you? Stop and examine your actions. What are you doing that is making the process more difficult for them? Once you figure it out, switch it up and don’t do that again.

Use The Same Cues

Don’t switch up words for commands every other day. Dogs don’t have a very large capacity for vocabulary, so choose one verbal command per trick and stick to it consistently.

Cater To Their Attention Span

How long does it take before your dog gets distracted? Pay attention to when they lose interest. If they lose interest at 10 minutes, shorten your training sessions to just 5, or add a break in between.

Understand That All Dogs Are Unique

What works for one of your dogs may not work for the other. Dogs are unique individuals, and there’s no one universal solution to proper training. Take the time to learn what works best for each dog.

Expect To Have Some Bad Days

There will be days where training just doesn’t work. It’s no one’s fault – it’s just an “off” day. If today’s shaping up to be one, stop the session and try again tomorrow. Remember: progress is not linear!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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