5 Tips To Make Dog Training Easier!

5 Tips To Make Dog Training Easier!

Many dog owners have difficulty with training their dogs. Here are five tips to make it easier!

Focus On The Positive

Eliminating negative behaviors is often only possible through the encouragement of positive ones. When your dog does something you like, give them lots of praise and even a reward, if you have one on hand, like a toy or treat.

Use Different Environments

Always start training for something new in a place with little to no distractions, where your dog feels safe. Once they reliably respond here, move to a more challenging location. Keep switching it up and rotating spaces until you’re confident your dog can do this cue anywhere.

Be Consistent With Rules

Do the exact rules change whenever it’s convenient for you? Are dogs allowed to do one thing today and not the next? This lack of consistency can be confusing for dogs, causing them to get frustrated and give up on trying to follow any commands. Why bother if they might get in trouble anyway?

Keep Them Motivated

What motivates your dog? Praise? Treats? Affection? Toys? Find out what works as a reward and use them all.

Know The Limits

Dogs have different limits, which often change as they grow older. Don’t expect your puppy to sit through twenty minutes of training, and don’t expect a dog who learns more slowly to figure things out within two or three sessions.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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